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Restoring your hormonal balance and optimal health with simple food, exercise and self-care

Introducing a better way of being. Thrive on Simple provides you with the tools you need to make positive shifts in your lifestyle to improve your hormonal health, and your whole self!

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My name is Amanda Loewer and I support women in regulating their hormones to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety, relieve pre-menstrual/menopause symptoms, lose weight and feel energized, confident and alive.

I'm a 43 year old mother of 5 beautiful children. I've experienced many health issues throughout my life which has led me on a healing journey to find optimal health. I LOVE learning about how we can feel better, heal and experience joy through adopting a healthy lifestyle!

As a holistic nutrition and health coach trained in the profound relationship between lifestyle, nutrition and overall health, I focus on the mind/body/spirit approach to health. Through my own wellness journey, I have discovered insightful ways to overcome my lifelong health issues, and I've gained extensive knowledge and experience in how to help others find the root problem to their symptoms.

I'm here to help you in your journey to feeling like yourself again through balancing your hormones with simple food, exercise and self-care. Through expert knowledge and proactive coaching, I will help you excel in a way you never thought possible. I'm so glad you are joining me in this journey and I'm really excited to coach you and help you live your best life! Book a free Healthy Hormones Discovery call with me to find the answers you’ve been seeking.

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