Stomach Ache


Welcome to Thrive on Simple! My name is Amanda Loewer and I am a certified Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach. I was brought to this point in life after looking for answers - answers to my many lifelong health issues.


It started as a baby with eczema, with the very milk out of my mother's breast burning my cheeks. Then I had tonsillitis too many times which led to my tonsils being removed. I then experienced allergies to animals and foods, with bouts of extremely itchy inner ears, eyes and throat. Food sensitivities led to stomach bloating, cramping and severe pain. I first experienced an asthma attack at age 12. As a teen I had painful periods, my skin and hair were oily and I was getting some acne. I also got cold sweats if I didn't have socks on! So strange.

In my 20s, gut issues led to poor digestion and assimilation of nutrients. The stomachaches hurt so bad, I felt like I was getting punched in the stomach. I couldn't donate blood because I always had low iron.

After my 3rd baby at age 31, my stress levels were extremely high and my adrenals were taking a beating. My body wouldn't sleep for more than 6.5 hours, I felt rundown and tired, as most mothers do. I had gained 50 lbs with this pregnancy and had troubles getting back to my normal weight.

After sharing my weight concerns with my oldest sister, she introduced me to a food lifestyle that was based on eating alkaline foods. I found it intriguing. I also sought out a natural-health allergist to test myself and my children, as they also were experiencing eczema. After implementing some new habits, I was able to lose the weight easily.

These new habits didn't last and I was eating poorly again. My favorite junk food was Doritos. At the end of my 4th pregnancy, I was literally faced with a devastating blow: Bell's Palsy (half my face was paralyzed). It was disheartening. My friend suggested acupuncture but I chose to wait and see if it would heal on its own. It didn't. After a year I finally went to an acupuncturist and found some slight improvement, but I'm left with permanent disfigurement. I try not to think about it, but I am reminded every time I eat, put on makeup, or read a story to my kids. :(

I started exercising and eating better again. But the eczema I had was getting worse and worse. It was all over my hands and I couldn't perform everyday tasks without wearing gloves. My hands were extremely itchy, dry and cracked and I would get pinhead blisters that would pop and ooze. It was debilitating.

During my 5th pregnancy, I felt mostly good. I was exercising and eating well, or so I thought. I looked good and only gained the recommended amount of weight.

I gave birth at home with midwives to a very healthy baby girl.

But four years later the eczema, painful periods, oily face and hair, and gut issues remained, and now my hair was thinning!

Throughout my life, I sought answers from the conventional medical community. They would prescribe a pill for my symptom. There were never any real answers. Blood testing showed nothing out of the ordinary, except for low iron. Frustrated, I booked an appointment in 2019 with a naturopath. She did food sensitivity testing and suggested some supplements. I cut out the culprit foods and found some relief with the eczema.

I also started reading more about whole-food-plant-based eating: Forks Over Knives, Fiber Fuelled, The China Study, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Axe, Dr. Mark Hyman, Anthony William. Even my church promotes a mainly plan-based lifestyle. My interest was at its peak and I was determined to learn as much as I could. In September of 2020 I enrolled in a 2-year program to learn more. That month I also decided to cut out wheat. I felt WAY better; less bloating and stomach issues.

That October I took on a 4-week vegan whole food challenge with my family. The goal was to regulate my hormones. I was seriously shocked that it worked - I had no more cramping or irregular periods! I knew there was more to this plant-based thing. I tried to continue eating this way as much as possible. I still wasn't symptom-free though and wanted more answers.

Through more studying I learned about the stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, adrenals, kidneys, and small and large intestines and how they work together in supporting our overall health but only if we support each of them by putting only healthful low-fat whole foods into our bodies, and eating specific foods to promote healing and detoxing.

I started following protocols and cleanses from all my reading and studying, and I am finally healing for good! My eczema has been the best it has been in YEARS. I don't have stomach pain or bloating anymore, unless I eat troublemaker foods, and I'm healing my adrenals, which is helping my hair loss and sleep issues.

It has been a LONG journey. I'm still learning and healing. But I know enough now that I want to help others find relief. So many of us are struggling with unwanted and unnecessary symptoms. There are answers!

I want to help you on your journey to health. I'm just starting out but I have a lot to offer. I've been through much of what you've been through. I'm here to support you, teach you and guide you to reach your goals. Please reach out if you'd like one-on-one help. I will also be offering group coaching in the near future!

This website is where I'll share general info and tips on how to feel better at any stage of your life, by eating simple foods, doing simple exercising and making simple changes to your lifestyle. You can also book a free Healthy Hormones Discovery Session. I'm here for you!

LOL - Lots of love, as my mom would say :)

Amanda Loewer, CNHC