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Updated: Mar 1

This is somewhat uncomfortable LOL, but I recently joined a 5-day challenge and today’s challenge is to share something amazing about myself. I usually don’t share what’s amazing about me because I try to practice humility!

But here it goes... I managed to eat AND get my family of 7 to follow a fully plant-based whole-food lifestyle for an entire 30 days in October 2020! Was it easy? Nooooo. Was it worth it? Yesssss! I'm super proud of my self for taking on that challenge, which I would've dreaded a few years ago. We continue to aim for a few WFPB meals a week.

And because of the change in my body from that challenge, I was able to affect my hormones enough to get rid of any signs of PMS (sorry if TMI!) such as cramping, spotting, moodiness (I think? Ask my hubby LOL), and cravings. To this day, even though I'm not completely plant-based, my period still comes as a surprise (which isn't always a good thing haha) with no symptoms to forewarn me. My 15 yr old daughter continues to choose healthful foods and she also has no PMS symptoms. Lucky girl!

Another thing I accomplished is that I studied hard for the past year and received my Diploma to become a Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach. I've been interested in learning how to live a healthy lifestyle for many years, to improve my own symptoms, so I finally signed up and learned the root causes of many ailments. I worked hard on this and gained so much knowledge on how to help others improve their lives by focusing on nourishing the body, mind and spirit.

There, I did it. 🙂

Now I’d love to hear something amazing about YOU in the comments below! Because I want this world to be a place where people know that they’re amazing and aren’t afraid to share it.

This is actually why I became a nutrition and health coach. Because I LOVE helping my clients go from monthly pain and needless suffering to feeling amazing and mostly undisturbed at that time of the month.

And I feel inspired to help a whole new wave of people. Will you please hold this vision for me?

I am offering Painless Periods Discovery Sessions as my gift to you. I have room in my schedule for 5 sessions, so if you know someone who has downright sucky periods and wants to see a promising change in their monthly cycles, will you share this post with them? I am well-equipped to help!

Thank you guys! You are amazing!

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