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Updated: Mar 1

About a year ago, a friend came to me with some problems regarding her monthly cycle.

It was especially challenging because not only did it cause a massive disruption in her active and busy lifestyle as a mom to three, but she had already cut birth control, increased exercise and made some healthy modifications to her diet.

Debilitating cramps, increased flow and unpredictable mood swings were negatively impacting her productivity, relationships and the ability to carry on with normal life for 3-4 days a month. 😢

While she was hopeful some tweaks and modifications would make a difference, she was also worried this would continue until menopause and may even lead to horrible hormone fluctuations during menopause.

After 3-5 months of chatting with me and making the appropriate changes, my friend has had a big shift - manageable cycles without much cramping and reduced extreme mood swings. 😁

She attributes this shift to implementing some daily juicing, eating more whole foods 🍉 and almost completely eliminating artificial sugars from her diet!

And now, life seems to continue without too much interruption caused by unhinged hormones throughout her cycle. She is able to keep up with her workouts and daily tasks. And some months she doesn’t even realize her period is about to start, because there aren’t cramps for days beforehand.

I'm so proud of my friend for her determination and hard work, and I'm so grateful I get to work with clients like her for a living! 🙏💗

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