Need Help Kicking the Sugar Habit?

Updated: Mar 1

I’m on my last of this 5-day coaching challenge that I have embarked on with over 600 other highly gifted Coaches and Holistic Practitioners. They are all trying to help others thrive in life! 😍

But there is one person who really stood out and inspired me and I want to give her a huge shout out.

She has experienced life-changing breakthroughs in sugar addictions and cravings. She speaks at events about Reading Food Labels and Kicking the Sugar habit. And she helps clients to listen to their body and what it is telling them so they can learn how to overcome those sugar cravings when they raise their beastly heads. Her clients have overcome and tamed their sugar beast. When it raises its head again, they now have the tools in place to tackle the beast and finally get results! 🙌

I have struggled with, and I have friends who have struggled with, sugar cravings so I know how overwhelming it can be and how important her work is.

But what I most appreciate about Cathy’s work is seeing her clients get their energy and joy for life back!

If you are struggling with sugar cravings, PM me or comment below. I would be happy to introduce you to her. 😊

Cathy Young



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